Monday, 6 December 2010

Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust press release

From the DPHT website: (this organisation works with and promotes wild, native Dartmoor ponies, which are different to the Dartmoor Hill ponies featured in the press) 

"Western Morning News and Daily Express - DPHT response to the front page articles regarding the culling of 700 ponies on Dartmoor. Sadly this news has not come as a surprise. The DPHT has and will continue to campaign for Pony Keepers on Dartmoor to control the number of foals produced. There are currently no licenced equine contraceptives available in this country. We believe the only answer to the current problem, is to remove stallions and where this is not possible to use vasectomised stallions. The DPHT has already paid for one stallion to have this relatively simple operation. The stallion has successfully kept his herd of mares out of foal to date. The DPHT is committed to restoring the Dartmoor Pony marketplace through a range of initiatives...The DPHT will continue to provide pony keepers with the support they need to make the right decisions to curb the annual foal crop and to add value to the good quality foals which are produced".

In a previous press release, the DPHT stated: "The DPHT does not agree with culling of stock as a management solution to over production".